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It is not enough to just have goals. You also have to have the means of achieving them. Those who want to implement new entrepreneurial concepts intended to reduce resource consumption and CO2 emissions must have an eye on the big picture and act systemically. Operating property in line with ESG guidelines plays a special role in that regard. That is because 75 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are generated during a property’s lifetime. The other CO2 emissions are bound in the fabric of the building in the form of grey energy.

The threat of "stranded assets" is inevitable. Properties that do not face up to decarbonisation lose value.


ESG management has been an integral part of our services since our inception – without us calling it that. The efficient use of the properties entrusted to us has always been the focus of our services. The long-term preservation of value and marketability are a logical consequence of our work.


We offer modular solutions. Which we pursue systematically together with you. Our range of services follows a clear process, from analysing the current situation and collecting data to defining and evaluating key target figures.

Structured data collection forms the basis of our actions. That is because facts show where you stand with your properties.

  • Collection of basic data
  • Inspection of data sources from PM and FM
  • Data transfer from inventory sources
  • Digital cataloguing of relevant data

In this case, we uncover the central starting points for reducing the carbon footprint and optimising management processes.

  • Assessment of the current state of the construction
  • SWOT analysis
  • Planning the energy and resource requirements
  • Analysis of systems and processes in the context of use
  • Interpretation and prioritisation of to-dos

We define concrete goals and the right processes to go with them – including an ESG roadmap.

  • Definition of a decarbonisation pathway
  • Creation of profitability scenarios
  • Subsidy/equity budgeting
  • Schedule, budget and action plan

Our recommendations follow a clear sequence of prioritisation and are professionally implemented, tracked and documented.

  • Adaptation of operational processes
  • Deciding on structural measures
  • Energy-efficient renovation
  • Monitoring the measures
  • Documentation of the achieved goals
  • Support for certifications


  • Green letter E
  • Green letter S
  • Green letter G




The focus is on reducing CO2 and on energy efficiency. Here are a few key areas we'll keep an eye on for you.

  • Energy use and consumption, smart metering, green electricity
  • Water, circulation technology
  • Photovoltaics, e-charging stations, sustainable mobility
  • Nature conservation, biodiversity, greening
  • Concrete, materials, material compatibility, recycling
  • Green facility management, waste management




Solution-oriented communication with tenants is a top priority for us.

  • Increasing micro-quality
  • Green islands and oases
  • Optimisation of the tenant environment
  • Regular surveys
  • Tenant information
  • Complaints management
  • Definition of Sustainable Development Rules
  • Integration of the requirements of the Supply Chain Act (LkSG)




Governance is manageable, but is everything running correctly and in accordance with the regulations? We keep more than an eye on it.

  • Prevention of corruption and money laundering
  • Combating undeclared work and social security fraud
  • Support for certifications
  • Compliance with regulations on data protection and data processing


We support and advise you along the path to long-term, valuable utilisation of your property portfolio. Technically innovative – but not at any price. Creating benefits for people, economically, but not only focused on the effects.  
Easy to govern and transparent – in the interests of intelligent management.

Carbon footprinting, climate protection and strengthening compatibility with the circular economy are important components of our service portfolio. We have been making our contribution in that regard for decades.

You can view us as a partner in the best sense of the word. This pertains to our proven network of technical partners and service staff, but also our entire team, in their daily work cooperating with you. We communicate actively, openly and in a solution-oriented manner. And we act responsibly, like an owner.

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