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Successful start: with new orders into 2023.

25 January 2023

Best efficiency prospects in a demanding environment.

The real estate industry is facing very big challenges. In particular, the efficiency goals arising from the energy policy environment have only been partially solved. Achieving the climate target of a maximum of 1.5°C of warming is necessary, but the path is still far from clear. There is still a lot to do, especially in existing buildings.

From the point of view of SPACT (formerly CTP), systemic solutions are best. Alexander Lickfett, CEO of SPACT (formerly CTP), sees his company as a part of the system: "Investing in the substance, exploiting technical innovations and a smart operating concept require a holistic approach. This is hardly possible with investors who want to stick to business as usual."

SPACT (formerly CTP) represents long-term asset and property management. The customer base does not consist of traders, but of long-term planning inventory holders. In this way, joint strategies can be developed and implemented to bring efficiency and value preservation under one roof. The concept is rewarded. At the turn of the year 2022/2023, SPACT (formerly CTP) is looking forward to a year with a whole series of new orders.

In the Creative Campus Monheim with 27,000 m² of rental space, SPACT (formerly CTP), in addition to asset management, is now also taking on property management. This not only removes one intermediary, but it also makes our processes leaner. All our measures are coordinated as part of a system, to meet the goals of owners and tenants.

Crescendo, or Lodge | Quai is a long-standing customer. This is now followed by an order for the management of two production properties. The properties in Daun and Einbeck have a total rental area of 57,500 m².

A family office has entrusted CTP with the management of their portfolio. 19 inner-city properties with 29,500 m² of rental space are all to undergo further development together. This is a typical task which calls for a holistic approach to cost optimisation and for sustainable value prospects. Property management is rounded off here with asset management activities.

The existing customer, TPG, is also a good example of long-term service quality. TPG sold a sub-portfolio with 35,500 m² of rental space, which it has been looking after for over 13 years, to a foundation at the turn of the year. The foundation continues to rely on the experience and skills offered by SPACT. In addition to property and facility management, the SPACT team also takes on major tenant expansions and maintenance. Alexander Lickfett: "We are very pleased that the foundation has commissioned us to offer further support and that we can continue to use our in-depth knowledge."

Our conclusion: In demanding times, it is the quality of the service that counts – so the outlook isn't bad for companies in real estate service.
SPACT (formerly CTP) currently manages 40 commercial properties with around 660,000 square metres of space throughout Germany for national and international investors.

"No matter what it is – we will take care of it like an owner would"


Further information about SPACT GmbH
(formerly CTP Asset Management Services GmbH):
SPACT GmbH is a real estate consulting company that is active in the areas of asset, property and facility management. SPACT (formerly CTP) currently manages 40 commercial properties in Germany with around 660,000 m² of rental space. The headquarters of the company is in Cologne.

Alexander Lickfett FRICS
Managing Director
T + 49 221 485-2000
M + 49 171 1793063


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